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FIBER Basalt Plus - trubka pevná jako skála

Benefits of basalt and PP-RCT

Basalt fiber – new generation reinforcement

  • Basalt fiber is made by pulping melted basalt stones of suitable composition.
  • It is very firm and flexible, and is utilizable in many different industries.
  • Properties of basalt fiber significantly exceed glass fiber (E-Glass). For example tensile strength is higher by up to 20 %.
  • Manufacturing of basalt fiber is very ecological – thanks to relatively low energy intensity of the process and 100% recyclability.

PP-RCT – new generation polypropylene

Long-term safe operation even in the most demanding (high pressure, high temperature) fields of application:

  • Higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures
  • Improved long-term reliability of the whole system
  • Possibility of using smaller diameters and easier handling
  • All benefits of classic PPR being kept

4 key benefits of the new material

  • The material regression curves are well above reference values. Pressure, temperature and service life dependences are linear even at high temperatures, similar to cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and polybutene (PB).
  • Material classification: MRS, minimum required strength at 20 °C and 50-year durability (σ LPL) was 12.68 MPa, which allows the material to be called PPR 125 (compared to the current PPR 80).
  • Minimum required strength at 70 °C and 50-year durability (σ LPL) is higher than the reference PPR type 4 value and significantly above reference value of PPR.
  • α crystallization ensures more stable manufacturing process as compared to β crystallization. Thanks to the increased crystallinity, the material features excellent temperature and pressure resistance, while keeping all other advantages of a standard PPR.
Regression curves PPR and PP-RCT
Regression curves PPR and PP-RCT

The regression curves clearly show that PP-RCT has better long term pressure resistance especially at high temperatures compared to standard PPR. These facts as well as the linear shape of the curves ensure safe, reliable and long-lasting service even in the most demanding fields of application.