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FIBER Basalt Plus - trubka pevná jako skála


Unique 3 layer pipe reinforced with basalt fiber, made from PP-RCT – polypropylene of new generation. PP-RCT and basalt fiber - long-term safety in operation, no compromises in service life of the pipe, easy and fast to install. The secret behind FIBER BASALT PLUS pipe is hidden in utilizing new generation materials – PP-RCT and basalt fiber.

Fiber basalt plus - unikátní trubka budoucnosti

Pipes made of PP-RCT polypropylene are no longer marked „PN“ – „S“ Series is used instead

  • Marking with PN number – which used to determine allowed pressure for maximum temperature of 20 °C at 50 years’ service life, has been replaced with marking according to „S“ Series
  • „S“ is a dimensionless number, indicating the rate between outer diameter and wall thickness
  • Pipe made from PP-RCT and pipe made from PPR with the same „S“
    1. - have the same wall thickness
    2. - completely different working parameters!
  • Pipe made from PP-RCT at the same S Series has higher pressure resistance versus PPR pipe!
  • At higher temperatures, pipe made from PP-RCT has higher pressure resistance than pipe made from PPR with thicker wall!
  Operating pressure (bar)
PP-RCT S 3,2 PPR S 3,2
(earlier PN 16)
PPR S 2,5
(earlier PN 20)
60 °C / 50 years 12,8 10,2 12,9
70 °C / 50 years 10,7 6,7 8,5

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